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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This project is taken from my second year work, I wanted to share this with you as for me it was a nightmare but it shows what you can achieve if you dont give up :) I think i disliked this project as it was embroidary, I am a printed I love everything print!!!! When looking back i think this does work really well mixng the embroidary with print and I love the collection.

The waiste coat above was deeply influenced by baroque art. I took inspiration from the pop art era to create a colour palette. I think this works really well on this design aas it creates a much more creative and contemporary look to the piece.

I used a lot of applique on this design as i wanted a very textural look to the piece. I am really happy with how it looks.

I hated this design when i was embroidering it as it took me far too long, but i am really happy with the final outcome and i am especially pleased that i didnt give up on it :)

I love this photograph of this design i think it has captured the colours and you can see how much embroidary and work was put in this sample. I am really happy with this design i think it is my favourite out of the full collection.

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